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Option Poppers is the premier options advisory service.


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Making sure our clients are satisfied is always our #1 goal. We strive to answer all questions immediately but, guarantee a response within 24 hours. We offer one-on-one help for beginners at no extra charge.

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We spend 3-4 hours daily analyzing data for our nightly picks. The data we use in our analysis is a combination of technical and fundamental. The data we review in our fundamental analysis includes: individual stock direction; the market trend; current news related events; and earnings.

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Making our customers as much money as possible! We accomplish this by giving you explosive picks and also giving you the knowledge to place your trades accurately. In addition to giving you the stock picks nightly we also issue “sell” alerts throughout the day.

Since 2008

After being a private membership since 2008 we are opening the doors. Membership is limited and exclusive. Only 150 new members will be accepted at the one time lifetime membership fee. Get your membership before its G-O-N-E!!

My name is Chris Michael. In 2009, I left corporate America behind to pursue trading options full time. Trading stocks has been a daily part of my life for the past decade. I was introduced to trading options seven years ago. I quickly realized that with options I could make a greater return on my investments with less capital than needed for trading traditional stocks. I found a unique way to make daily cash flow trading options. Then, I decided to share what I had learned and offer my services to others…and Option Poppers was born. Trading options has been lucrative for me and I am here to share my success with you.

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Our exclusive lifetime membership includes:

➤ 2-4 daily option stock picks
➤ 1-2 weekly penny stock picks that are on the verge of a major breakout
➤ 2-4 monthly option plays that are set to deliver explosive gains
➤ Private web site
➤ Password protected forum
➤ Nightly e-mails with the picks for the next day

Please contact us if you have any questions.